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When we join the United Methodist Church, we pledge to support it with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness. By engaging in these areas, we help deepen our spiritual life and put our faith into action. Why become a member? In our journey of faith, God calls us to covenants, both with God and with one another. Covenant is a dominant theme in the Scriptures and serves as a foundation to the story of God's people. Baptism is a covenant that God makes with us, and we respond with faith and trust in Christ. Marriage is another example of a covenant between a couple and God. A covenant is simply a promise of vows between two or more persons. Becoming a member of Cherryvale simply means you are promising to serve God faithfully in this local church, and you are making a covenant with the people of Cherryvale to faithfully serve, support, and minister alongside them and they with you. We become accountable to one another in the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ, and we become connected in a deeper way.

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