What am I thankful for?


It is this time of year that we turn our attention towards the things that matter most. I think we do this not just as the holidays approach, but as a practice of knowing that in the coming days and months the year is coming to a close; another year, another cycle around the sun… a few more grey hairs.  So, we take a look back and review our year with the hope filled days of the holiday season. Often we do this while eating that great meal of Thanksgiving and in those moments we share the joys that have lead us back to this meal once more.


So as I sit behind my desk, on this early November afternoon, I begin to ask what am I thankful for?


So here is my list as it pertains to church, life, and my everything:  


I am thankful for prepositions, because otherwise there would be no list,

a church committed to improving itself,

leadership that loves God and strives to love their neighbor,

volunteers that serve by cooking meals, delivering food, playing kickball with local children after school,

things our church will make for NICU babies, the homeless, and those who are in need,

Those awesome people that attend any given Sunday and do not have a reserved pew,

Money given towards making our church a more welcoming place,

Disciples made in bible studies in homes, in Sunday school classes, and in coffee shops,

Children that come to church ready to engage, bringing their bibles, and yes put their heads in instead of hands during prayer times,

Prayer warriors,



Ushers and greeters,

Piano players and choir directors,

Smiling faces that make tough days alright,

Knowing that people are praying for the pastor,

Knowing that people are praying for the pastor,

Knowing that people are praying for the pastor,

Repetition, repetition, repetition,

Church workdays,


Lay leaders,

New missions,

Good attitudes,


Church dinners,



Sometimes crusty people that remind me that grace is growing in all of us,

The willingness of others to put up with this crusty person from time-to-time,

The church,




New people coming to faith,

My wife, my family,

And above all the God made known in Jesus Christ, for this last I am eternally grateful!






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