Ash Wednesday

“Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.”  

It is not often that you hear that you are going to die, but this Ash Wednesday you will hear just that: you are going to die. It reaffirms that mortality is part of our existence as human beings. If you do not believe this, you need look no further than the front seat of my car where you can find the odds and ends of several obituaries: the legacy of the faithful reduced to a single column of text describing their lives. We are all going to die. Ash Wednesday is a bleak reminder of our mortality, but, a needed reminder. This reminder allows us to focus on the things that matter, like faith. 

It is out of this bleak news that we have the chance to renew our commitment… Lent for us is a chance for renewal in the light of our mortality. 

So I ask you this question, how are you planning to renew? 

I love this question! I didn't ask what are you going to give up, or what chocolate isn't considered cheating, but the question was simply; how are you planning to renew? 

We often give up something, and in the process, we do not take on anything new. As a pastor, I'm not concerned about you giving up: chocolate, meat, or even fast food. I’m concerned about what you’ll take on. Will you be praying for the church more? Will you be giving more to the needy? Will you be reading the scripture more? What will you be taking on and how will it renew your life and your faith?

Please remember Ash Wednesday and Lent are both chances to remember that we are mortal and we are going to die; thus, how we live matters. 

Join me… Join us, in taking something on and not just giving something up. ]]>

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